What to Expect

When you reach out to me, we’ll set up a time to have a 15 minute phone or video conversation (your preference) to discuss in detail what’s going on in life and what specifically you would like help with. If a 15 minute consult ends up not being enough, a proper 45 minute session will be scheduled instead.

Together we will come up with a personalized plan of action, including an outline of what I expect our work to look like; this will evolve as we work together, but it’s important for both of us to have a loose frame in mind of what we’re trying to achieve and what time frame we’re trying to work within (i.e. number of sessions, weeks, or months you have in mind for working together and how much time I anticipate will be needed to achieve your goals).

We will also discuss my practice policies and settle on a regular meeting time each week (if we schedule weekly sessions) to create a sense of consistency. We will also test out which video platform works the best with both of our connections (you will be asked to download Google Hangouts, Google Duo (only available on your cell phone), and Skype).

At the end of each session, I will likely give you something to work on until our next session. I do this in order to help you incorporate what we’re discussing in our work together into your every day life. This will also speed the process of work together and you will see results much more quickly. Our work together will be dynamic and will inspire you and create healing in more ways than you would have expected.