I think Shamanic Breathwork with Reeta is the new local hidden treasure. Healthy, good for you, non toxic. I have been to other breathwork sessions and the most important thing, in my opinion, is the container. Is it a safe space? Most def. Are you being supported/watched/cared for? Absolutely. Will you see and experience something that will knock your socks off? Guaranteed. You don’t need to go to Burning Man, you don’t need to a vision quest, you can hold off on a Bali tix – your portal to the magical and mystical fertile void is right here in your own backyard. Very easy, accessible and transformative. I highly recommend this!!

~ Maria M.

I had no idea what to expect and didn’t know you breathe until you feel like you’re on the best MDMA of your life naturally! Wow! Can’t wait for my next breathwork journey!

~ Jess H.

Every time I have an angel card reading with Reeta, it is always spot on! She really has a direct connection and the way she explains things is very kind but straightforward. I think that her psychology background gives her an advantage at helping others to figure out where things might be coming from in the reading and how to resolve things that just aren’t quite working for you.

~ Felicity M.

Reeta has such a great sense of humor! Her combination of funniness and comfort makes it a lot easier to talk about and get through things.

~ Aman P.

I’ve been working with Dr. Reeta for a couple of years now and my life has changed in so many exciting ways! We have focused our work together on manifestation coaching and that’s what’s really helped me to get the things that I want in life and to understand things, both outside of myself and within myself that get in the way of that. I’m so grateful to her!


When I met Reeta I instantly felt at ease in her presence. She created a beautiful energetic space where I could speak openly and be myself. During our card reading she picked up on elements of my psyche that I never really speak of, but resonated so much with. Reeta’s insights left me feeling way more connected to myself. It’s not everyday that I meet someone with an energy like her. I can’t wait to have another session! Her work is a true gift.

~ Stephanie S.

I travel so much for work that I wouldn’t have been able to work with a therapist otherwise. So video sessions have been truly helpful for me.

~ Malcolm D.

She gets it. She knows what all of this is really about. She doesn’t try to pretend that she knows better than me. She’s always reminding me that I’m the expert in my own life and that she’s there just to give a boost and that’s exactly what she does.

~ Riya K.

It’s been so great to have therapy using video sessions. I thought it would be hard at first, but it’s super easy and way more convenient than I thought it would be! My favorite part is being able to be comfortable in my home, it let’s me share more than I think I would otherwise.

~ Max Y.

Shamanic Breathwork has been a transformative experience for me. The way that Dr. Hernes sets up the space, explains everything, guides you, and everything that she does to help you physically and emotionally work through things is genuinely amazing. She’s a true healer in every sense of the word.

~ AT

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