Shamanic Breathwork

Shamanic traditions have used ceremony and ritual for thousands of years as a way of bringing healing to all aspects of the self; mind, body, heart, and spirit. In this modern era, we tend to focus on only one aspect at a time, but Shamanic Breathwork (created by Linda Start Wolf), is a powerfully expansive voyage into altered states of consciousness through the use of a connected circular breathing technique (which will be taught to you during our time together).

Journeyers are led through a shamanic experience, guided by their breath and chakra-attuned music, to unblock their chakras (or energy centers/meridians), allowing stuck energy to flow freely again. 

Some of the beautiful benefits that come from this vital energy moving freely include:

  • Increased excitement, joy, and happiness; less worry, anxiety, and stress
  • Abundant creativity, which you can bring to your work/career, art, and relationships
  • Greater intimacy, passion, vitality, and sensuality within your relationships
  • Understanding, a sense of direction, and drive to pursue your true life purpose
  • Rewiring old patterns and habits that no longer serve you, including those related to interpersonal relationships or addiction
  • Greater capacity for love, compassion, healing, and wisdom
  • Elevated spiritual development

Angel Cards

Angel cards are similar to Tarot cards and can offer insight, guidance, and comfort, depending on what’s needed (and often times it’s all three). During an angel card reading, you can ask very specific questions and gain a remarkable amount of information regarding the situation you’re inquiring about. 

The messages that come from the angelic realm are always filled with nothing but love. Our angel helpers are looking to give us a hand whenever we need it and whether or not we take their advice, they will continue to support us. 

Angel cards can be particularly useful when you feel stuck in your life. If you’re struggling with a sense of direction or feeling lackluster about life in general, angel cards can provide valuable clues into what may be leading you astray. 

During an angel card reading, a specific spread of cards (ranging from 3 to 10 cards) will be used. As with all of my offerings, I bring in all parts of myself and my experiences, so an angel card reading will include shamanic interpretations as well as deeply psychological ones. It is always my intention to give insights and tools from my varied backgrounds to lead you back to the full richness of your spirit.


Reiki is a Japanese healing technique used to bring healing to all parts of yourself, including the mind, heart, spirit, and physical body. The word reiki is actually two separate words; rei means mysterious (and is often attributed to a higher power) and ki (or chi) is energy, thus reiki means mysterious energy. 

Reiki practitioners have been ‘attuned’ in order to be conduits of reiki. When reiki is practiced, energy that flows through the practitioner is able to flow into the receiver (the person receiving a reiki treatment). We consider reiki to be highly intelligent and intuitive, as it flows into the parts of yourself that need the healing. During a reiki treatment, it’s common for receivers to feel a release of emotions, different physical sensations, and gain many deep insights into many aspects of their lives. 

Reiki is a powerful supplement to other healing modalities, including Western medicine, acupuncture/acupressure, and massage therapy. 

I am certified to provide distance reiki (reiki that is delivered from a distance). Distance reiki is just as powerful as hands on reiki, and for many is preferable because of the ability to be comfortable and completely relaxed in ones home while receiving the treatment.