It wasn’t until I left my home and went out into the world that I found my true self and a community of like-spirited people that thrived through spiritual and interpersonal evolution the way that I did. That gave birth within me the idea of vacationing with purpose; feeding your spirit with connection, soul medicine, beauty, and relaxation.

Not too long ago I put a calling out to the Universe, asking for a group of fierce women that I could journey and create with. And true to form, the Universe never disappoints. The ladies of Wise Warrior Retreats welcomed me in with wide open arms and hearts and together we’ve created the very retreat that each one of us would love to go on.

20200221_163320Our retreats are held at the magical Hacienda del Sol in San Juanillo, Costa Rica, found in the quiet, lush jungle, nestled next to the beach. For six days, the wellness center is all ours, where you have access to a salt water pool, spa services, a raw food diet, and all the coconuts you could possibly wish for.

We’ve thoughtfully created a powerful medicine journey, bringing together sacred plant medicine, Shamanic Breathwork, movement medicine, and teachings based on the Power Path. Every one of us on the Wise Warrior team feels passionate about sparking change but more importantly providing the integration necessary to make sense of the multiple medicine journeys that are experienced in our week together and to carry that into your life when you return home. What’s the point of incredibly transformative experiences if it doesn’t translate into your every day life?20200222_120400

It’s such a huge part of my soul purpose to hold space for people to push up against and break through all those things holding them back from living their absolute best life. Abundance is the birthright of every single being and witnessing people awaken to that lights my spirit on fire!

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