Common Questions

What do you mean you run a ‘digital practice’?

A large part of my own spiritual journey has been to create a life that allows me to wander as often and as far as my spirit desires. In order to do this, I have made my practice completely digital so that I can connect from anywhere in the world. All sessions are conducted via video sessions on different platforms (such as Google Duo, Google Hangouts, and Skype) using the internet. I have a variety of different platforms to accommodate different internet speeds, depending on which country I’m in. There are times when internet speeds aren’t strong enough (on either or both ends) to sustain a video session, in which case, a phone session takes its place.

Why do you call yourself a Spiritual Journey Advisor rather than a Psychologist?

Although I am educated as a Clinical Psychologist and hold a valid license, I have chosen not to use that title or license because I have found it to be very restrictive in terms of how I am able to help the people that I work with. In traditional Western psychology (much like traditional Western medicine) there are fairly hard limits as to what are considered ‘best practice’ approaches. More often than not, those approaches are considered ‘best practice’ because they have been empirically validated – meaning that they were experimentally measured. So anything that can’t be measured in a controlled experiment, almost never gets labelled as a ‘best practice.’

I am a believer in that some things don’t need to be tested or even measured in order for them to work for some. By identifying myself as Spiritual Journey Advisor, I give myself and the individuals I journey with the freedom to decide for themselves what works and doesn’t and to have dozens of options to choose from, rather than a mere handful.

I continue to uphold important ethical standards, such as the safeguarding of your private information and the maintenance of your complete confidentiality.

What is the usual length of time with which you work with someone?

Just like the work itself, the length of time varies greatly. I have worked with some individuals for just a handful of times and others a few times a week for one or more years. The duration depends on many factors, such as what is being worked on, how much support someone needs in their life, and how much change they are willing or able to entertain/manage at certain points in life. These are all things that we would consider together to decide upon the length of our work together.

It is also common to do a lot of work together for a certain period of time and then take a break or cut back so as to test out the things we have worked on. This gives an opportunity to see what is doing well and what needs a bit more care and attention.

How much do you charge?

This varies widely based on what modality and time frame we’re working with. There are different rates for counseling/coaching sessions, Shamanic Breathwork private or group sessions, and Angel card readings, and whether these sessions are 30 minutes to 3 hours. Please message me to inquire about exact pricing.

Do you accept health insurance?

Unfortunately I do not. Although I am a licensed professional, I am no longer practicing under that license, thus my services are not covered by health insurance companies (yet).

How is payment handled?

Venmo and Paypal