Suffering as a whole is the result of something not fitting with one’s true self. When different parts of life aren’t aligned with your higher self (your spirit/essence/soul), it creates unrest within you that shows up as feeling anxious or depressed, overeating or loss of appetite, difficulty with sleep, isolation, feeling disconnected from yourself, or finding it harder and harder to find joy in the things that used to excite you.

My approach to helping ease suffering and fostering reconnection to joy is highly integrative; I use the psychological fundamentals that I was trained in as a Clinical Psychologist, while bringing in a number of different holistic healing modalities. The initial focus of our work will be on identifying, understanding, and then changing the negative thought patterns and beliefs. As those thoughts and beliefs transform, it gives way to the creative aspect of one’s journey. Desire returns, imagination comes back to life, and we then get to work on creating a life that suits you, rather than figuring out ways for you to fit into a prepackaged life.

Empathically, I always meet my clients where they are in their journey (emotionally, psychically, mentally, and spiritually), but I also infuse our work with the energy needed to make changes happen. It takes effort and inspiration, sometimes an incredible amount of both, in order to create a new life for oneself.