When it’s Time to say Farewell to Your Twin Flame

The twin flame relationship is one of sheer ecstasy and exquisite torture, encompassing all that could possibly be experienced in the realm of the heart. We are pushed continuously to dissolve our sense of being so that we can grow into our highest self, our most evolved and enlightened version.

The typical twin flame relationship contains the strongest energetic magnet to ever exist. Imagine one magnet the size of Africa and another magnet the size of South America; yup, that’s the level of soul attraction that twin flames feel for each other. Your souls are inextricably magnetized toward one another and you feel that pull even when the two of you are on the opposite sides of the world. But then this magical thing happens when all of a sudden that soul attraction turns to energetic repulsion. It feels exactly like trying to put the wrong ends of a magnet together; no matter how you try to finagle it, they absolutely will not align and completely refuse to join. It’s confusing, infuriating, and terrifying when this happens. 

But why does this happen? A metaphor about fire lends itself perfectly to the flameship (pun intended). When you’re trying to build your own fire, you use a thin, round piece of wood called a spindle, in which you spin back and forth, hoping to create enough friction to make a spark. You need a lot of friction to create a glowing ember and this is precisely what happens in the flameship. You two psychically rub against each other in all the perfectly painful ways with intense force in order to spark soul growth in one another. 

It’s during these times that you’re asked to deconstruct your conditioning, shred all the stories you’ve created about yourself, about love, and the world. You’re asked to burn your old safety net without the assurance that a new one will appear. You’re asked to do a trust fall to the Universe without being able to see what will catch you. You’re given the opportunity to learn the brave lesson of surrender, over and over and over again. 

But why do we have to separate in order to learn all of this? Truthfully, we don’t; at least not necessarily. Not all twin flames need separation, but the danger that often ensues is the fear of separation and then engaging in the things that we do in order to avoid that separation at all costs. We start to bargain with ourselves, the Universe, and our twin flame; willing to sacrifice as many bits of ourselves as necessary just to stay connected. When we do this, we distract ourselves from the our own soul work, which is the ultimate purpose of our twin flame relationship. 

When we allow ourselves a time of separation, we’re honoring the natural rhythm of the relationship. Flowers don’t bloom all year long, the harvest doesn’t happen in every single season; nature needs periods of quiet dormancy and when we allow those times to happen even in our relationships, we honor our true nature. When you’re called for a time of separation from your twin flame, it is a time to go within, to do all the heavy lifting of the soul, without being distracted by your outside world. 

And eventually, after coming together and pulling away enough times, this incredible thing happens. You come to deeply know and feel that your twin flame exists within you, as you. You had the immense joy and privilege of converging with the other half of your soul; you leveled up in every single possible way and now you’ve been initiated in order to inspire this in every person that you meet. You eventually come to feel completely at peace with the possibility that you and your flame may never see each other or speak to each other again in this earthly form; this doesn’t mean you may not miss them or wish to feel their presence. It means that you have embodied the ability to surrender at the deepest level. You have surrendered to the cycles of nature and become aligned with them. And now you have the support of the entire cosmos within you. Welcome to the other side beloved, you made it. 

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