The Three Magical Pillars of Manifestation

I’ve been a practicer of the law of attraction for many years now and through it I’ve witnessed magical things unfold in unrealistically short amounts of time. Tapping into the hidden well-spring of energy and potentiality not only fills you with joy and excitement, but more importantly, with empowerment, because you recognize (perhaps for the first time) that you are hard-wired for abundance.

Many talk about the law of attraction and the keys to manifestation in overly-complicated ways, at least partly done because some have a hard time believing that it really can be so simple. The process of manifestation is incredibly straightforward, but the practice is rigorous. A day off from your manifestation practice does mean that you are diminishing your full creative potential to attract all that you want, so daily practice is truly necessary to get what you want.

The law of attraction is the ability to bring into your life whatever you are focused upon. Notice that the law of attraction is actually neutral; it can bring you a range of things, from those that you desire remarkably much, to others that you wish to avoid at absolutely all costs.  The single greatest thing to remember about the law of attraction is this:

Whatever you think about, you bring about.

Because the law of attraction is neutral, it works via the thoughts you entertain. So if you keep thinking about the result that you DON’T want (which the majority of us actually do), then that is what the Universe is picking up on. It simply thinks that whatever you think about the most is what you must want, because you keep spending all of your time focused on it! 

Here’s the all too common scenario that happens: you’re worried about something (money, a presentation, a blind date, a potential health issue) and your mind starts to play out all of the worst case scenarios. What if an unexpected bill pops up before your next paycheck; what if you freeze in the middle of your presentation and can’t remember what the rest of your talking points were; what if you really like the person you’re going on a date with and they don’t like you; what if that pain you’ve been experiencing gets worse? You unconsciously try to prepare yourself for all of the bad possibilities by flushing all of them out and thinking about your exit strategies for each one of them.

There are some serious downsides to this spiky hamster wheel that your mind jumps on to. The first is that you’re now experiencing all of the terrible possibilities; your nervous system has no sense of time, so it can’t tell if you’re just practicing a worst case scenario or if it’s actually happening to you right now. So the stress that you’re trying to prepare for is actually being lived in the present, by virtue of the thoughts you’re entertaining. Secondly, as mentioned previously, the Universe thinks that you must really want those worst case scenarios to happen, because you’re constantly thinking about them. 

Now that we’ve covered the most important rule (whatever you think about, you bring about), here are the pillars of manifestation:

  1. Know what you want
  2. Visualize what you want
  3. Feel that you already have what you want

The one question that I ask my manifestation coaching clients that always gets them stumped is this, “What do you want?” Try it for yourself and see how challenging or effortless it is to answer. For many, they can’t start with what they want, they need to start with what they don’t want and go from there. So here are some examples:

The don’t: I don’t want to be broke anymore!

The do: I want to be financially stable/comfortable/abundant/secure

The don’t: I don’t want to go on any more bad dates!

The do: I want to be in a happy, fulfilling romantic relationship with someone that I’m physically attracted to and emotionally compatible with

The don’t: I don’t want to be so stressed at work all the time!

The do: I want to work in an environment where my abilities are recognized and appreciated, I have wonderful professional relationships with my boss and coworkers, and I am stimulated by the work that I do

Now that you’ve got the hang of it, it’s time to make a mental movie! Visualization is a technique used in many, many different modalities, and has proven successful with numerous things, including chronic pain management, weight loss, career changes, and incredible increases in income. Once you know what you want, you create a vivid and detailed mental movie that you visualize at the minimum once a day, but ideally, several times a day. The more you broadcast this mental movie, the faster the Universe will give you the result.

While you’re visualizing what you want, you must employ the final pillar of manifestation, which is to induce the feeling that you already have it. This is by far the most difficult step in the manifestation process.

When we want something, we’re in a state of desire, which by its very nature, is actually a state of lack, because you can only desire something that you don’t presently have. Let’s really soak this point in, because it’s a vital one! 

Desiring is a state of lack because you can only desire something that you don’t presently have. 

When you’re visualizing, you are imagining that you already have the very thing that you want, by doing this, you are filled with a sense of joy, happiness, vitality, excitement, all the yumminess you could possibly feel (rather than longing, frustration, impatience, or doubt – which often come along with a state of desire). 

Now get this, you actually know how to do this very well, you’ve just been practicing in the wrong direction for too long! When you’re imagining an extra expense coming in when you’re already short on cash, you feel the dread, fear, anxiety, and constriction. You are living it in the present. All you have to do now is visualize in the abundant direction, rather than in the catastrophic one. 

One final example to get you started:

What you want: to lose weight

Visualization in present tense: You imagine yourself walking into your favorite store (perhaps the one that is a bit out of your price range, but that you absolutely adore). The store clerks are friendly and helpful and as you walk through the store, you find outfit after outfit that you LOVE. Every single thing you fall in love with comes in your exact size and you start to pick up dozens of pieces that you can’t wait to try on! You get into the fitting room and even before you start trying on outfits, you glance at yourself in the mirror and are struck by how beautiful you look. You feel completely content and comfortable in your skin and love your own reflection. As you try on each piece, you love how your curves are being hugged, the way the fabric falls upon you, and are ecstatic that everything fits you exquisitely, as if it were tailored for you already. You’re happy, excited, bouncy, and giddy!

One final reminder for you (I know, I know, but it’s so important!)… whatever you think about, you bring about. So start using that incredible brain and heart power of yours to bring about all the abundance that you’re seeking and worthy of getting!

2 thoughts on “The Three Magical Pillars of Manifestation

  1. This is great! I often get caught up in talking about things that I don’t want and realising that I am calling those things into my life. This reminds me to be clear about the words I use and my intentions. Thank you 🙂

    1. You’re so welcome Ash! Every word we say and think is filled with an energetic intention and the more we remember that, the more we can use it to our beautiful, bountiful advantage! Sending you extra good manifestation energy 😁✌🏼💜

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