Surrender to the Death and Embrace the Rebirth

The ending of a year and the beginning of a new one always sends me into a state of reflection and contemplation. But the last few years have felt powerful and magical in more ways than one. You know when you’re going through a deep death and rebirth cycle in your life when everything gets turned upside down and the Universe gives it a damn good shake. 

So here’s what shook out:

2016 – my destruction

2017 – my awakening

2018 – my clarification

2019 – my becoming

2020 – my manifestation

When you’re wanting to plant a garden, you have to clear away all the dead brush. The same thing has to happen in our lives. All that isn’t serving us anymore must catch fire to light the path for all that is meant for our highest purpose and greatest happiness. 

When all the stale bits have been cleared away, you’re overcome with the sense of loss and confusion, even bitterness and betrayal. This is where the awakening takes hold. Your eyes (all three of them) and heart are ripped open for you to see what has left and what is left.

Once you’ve taken a detailed survey of the land of your life and you’ve hiked (or crawled) your way through each treacherous valley of difficult emotion, you get to create the new blueprint of a fresh life. Ironically, this can be a harder task to accomplish than moving through the grief. Sometimes we have to start by knowing what we don’t want and letting that shape shift into what it is that we truly do want.

A new transformation is ready to bloom. You’ve put your name on all that you want, now it’s time to become the person that can bring all those blessings and desires into your life. All that you need for this transformation will make its way to you if you stay aligned and open all along the way. The right teachers, companions, books, programs, places, even pets will find you, all with the intention of giving you what you need to become the next evolved, divine version of yourself.

With each step you take into your higher self, the greater your gifts of manifestation will become. The earthly things you desire will materialize in ways you never could have foreshadowed and your higher self will be anchored in knowing that when you’re aligned, when you’ve surrendered to the necessary death and the remarkable rebirth, the Universe has your spiritual back and won’t ever forget about you.

So here’s to the destruction and I’m ready for the manifestation. 

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