The Goodness and the Grief

When it comes to creating a life that you can’t wait to ecstatically live, your first ingredient is that of your imagination. Once your imagination comes back online and it begins to paint freely, we can dabble in the joy of picturing ourselves in a world of our design. This is one the most important keys to successful manifestation; the ability to experience the joy of what you want as if you already have it. Once you can master this, things will come to you at a pace with which your ordinary mind can’t fathom.

But there’s something incredibly important to keep in mind about asking for change. 

All change comes with endings. 

This is the natural cycle that happens with everything in the Universe. There is constant death and rebirth. We’ve just entered into the fall season and this is when I find myself reminded more than ever of natures rhythm. The leaves fall and a momentary death occurs before fresh growth becomes evident to the eye. 

If I begin to imagine what my ideal career is like and attempt to manifest that through the Universe, doesn’t it make sense that the current job I have will have to go in order to make room for my ideal career?

If I begin to imagine what my ideal romantic relationship/partner is like and attempt to manifest that through the Universe, doesn’t it make sense that the current romantic relationships or even entanglements that I have must go in order to make room for my ideal partnership?

So often we cut the manifestation process short because we see the death aspect of the process before the growth, forgetting that the death must occur in order for the new birth to come. “I asked for my ideal career and now I’ve just lost my job. This isn’t what I asked for! What am I going to do now?” We have such a high premium on the attainment of things and forget to be just as grateful for the releasing of the things that aren’t meant for our soul. The release is what makes way for the growth.

I remember as a child planting seeds into empty egg cartons. We kept them on the windowsill so they could get plenty of sunlight and I would water them with an eye dropper every single day. I would check on them almost a dozen times a day, desperate to see a teeny tiny sprout of green poking up through the soil. As a child, I never doubted that the seeds were sprouting even though I couldn’t see them. But somehow as adults, we’ve lost that same certainty when it comes to the seeds of our desires. If you give your dreams the nourishment that they need, they’ll surely grow. The seeds I planted as I child needed sunlight and water; my seeds as an adult need positivity, clarity, and certainty that they will too sprout. 

When the death cycle begins, see it as a revelation of how many things in your life weren’t suited for you and how much more psychic room there is to fill your life back up with the things you truly want. And remember that just because you can’t see the growth happening, doesn’t me that it isn’t. 

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