Listen to the Voices in your Head

Intuition. That gut feeling. That voice that foreshadows and gives you the Cliffs notes before your conscious self could even register a single detail of a situation. It’s our greatest super power that quickly gets forgotten as we get older. 

At this point I think I’ve asked every single one of my clients what their gut tells them about something going on in their life. And just about every one of them has either said “I don’t know” or “I can’t tell the difference between what I feel and what my gut’s telling me.” Our intuition speaks to us in so many different ways that once you start paying attention, you may even start to get a little annoyed with how loudly and incessantly it communicates with you, but you’ll also always be filled with immense gratitude and comfort in knowing that you’re always looked after. Before exploring how to reaffirm your connection to your intuition, we have to create a true and accurate understanding of what your intuition even is and what it’s motives are.

Your intuition is your sixth sense of knowing. It’s part of what I call the Higher Self. Your Higher Self is your spirit, which is quite separate from your human self. Your human self is the one that does its best to exist within this earthly realm and is vulnerable to all human experiences such as losing perspective, getting stressed by details, and being swept away by strong emotions. Your Higher Self is the spirit of you that is completely connected to the Universe in every single moment; your Higher Self acts in accordance with what’s best for everyone involved, it contains all the wisdom that any soul has ever achieved, and is not bound by any human limitations, especially that of the human mind. 

It’s become a running joke with my friends when I’m recounting how I responded to a situation. “I was totally in my human self. I got so stuck in what I was feeling that I couldn’t see anything else and ended up saying the thing that I was trying not to say and it just made everything so much worse!” Or “I felt my feelings but didn’t let them carry me away this time. They gave me what I needed to know and then I was able to respond in exactly the new way that I’ve been trying to do. My Higher Self was super on point!” 

Your intuition is one of the ways that your Higher Self and human self inform one another. Your Higher Self is always in deep knowing and understanding of what’s best, safe, and optimal and it sends that message to your human self in the form of that gut feeling or little voice in your head. While the human mind takes much time to deliberate and analyze all the details of a situation, your intuition speaks to you in seconds because it isn’t bound by time, as it operates within the metaphysical realm.

Since your intuition always has your best interests in mind, it is completely safe to rely upon it. Let’s make a quick distinction between ‘best interests’ and ‘best experience.’ Your intuition isn’t looking for you to have the best experience in terms of delight or pleasure; it’s looking for the experience that will serve you the best in your spiritual growth and development. 

Intuition is often confused with two other experiences; fear and desire. This is one of the things that makes decision-making extremely difficult to do! Desire is the thing that you want, fear is the thing that you’re afraid is going to happen, and intuition is what’s spiritually best for you. Fear can sometimes disguise itself very cleverly as your intuition and the single best way to different the two are the feelings that each of them evoke. Fear creates anxiety, nervousness, depression, and agitation. Intuition (even when it leads in a direction that you may not desire) creates a sense of peace, calm, and resolution, as well as focus and clarity. 

I’ve also noticed a tricky phenomenon in myself in regards to my own relationship with my intuition. As far back as I can remember I have had remarkably strong and persistent messages from my intuition. I grew to recognize that this sixth sense was invaluable and I did everything I could to help it grow within me. Recently in my life I have been faced with the most intense experiences requiring my complete spiritual transformation (more blogs on this topic soon to come) and have found myself more confused than ever before in life. 

Here’s what I’ve realized: 

When my intuition is telling me something that I don’t want to hear, I unconsciously pretend to be confused.

The truth is that I’m not confused, I actually have total clarity, I just don’t like what I’m faced with. Once I accepted this fact, my fondness for my remarkable intuition grew a thousand fold and the lucidity of mind and heart poured in.

The more that you foster your relationship to your intuition, the more information it will share with you and the better your life will get. Always keep in mind that your intuition wants only what’s best for you and it absolutely never compromises on this single goal. So if you go with your gut, you’re guaranteed that you won’t be led astray. Identify what your fears and desires are and look out for when confusion is acting as a decoy to distract you from what you know you need to do. Embrace your intuition as the sharpest spiritual compass to ever exist. 

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